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Magnificent distant views, natural wonders, and diverse landscapes as well as unique flora and fauna allows hikers to enjoy special experiences.

With its unique archaeological and geological history, South Africa has breathtaking landscapes and fascinating biodiversity. Our experienced hiking guides are experts in natural history and botanical excursions.

They offer educational walks, excursions, and hikes through the mountains, nature reserves, and natural areas of the Western Cape. Experience scenic regions of South Africa on foot. Discover this tremendous natural spectacle. Hike through hidden mountain regions and picturesque natural landscapes, and enjoy magnificent views and panoramas. Enjoy the solitude of this impressive mountain world with its fantastic scenery. The generous hospitality of the locals and delicious meals in the evening will round off your hiking experience.

We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy these exciting and varied hikes.


Enjoy the art of simplicity or silence as the new luxury – and retreat into nature, where time becomes tangible again. Rugged mountains alternate with green slopes, spectacular rocky coasts, massive mountain ranges, and vast plains.



Experience a variety of plant species

Various plant species grow in South Africa, and new one are being discovered all the time. The diversity of species is favoured by the large number of different vegetation zones.

On your walks, you will experience a unique diversity of vegetation, meet the various inhabitants of these natural oases, get to know plants, animals, and ecosystems, encounter the antelopes and rare mountain zebras that live there, and enjoy the unique solitude of this landscape.

Excursions to different areas such as the Little Karoo, which is known for the stunning bloomage of the “Fynbos”. The sea of diverse flowers – from callas to midday flowers – will delight you no matter what the season.


On your excursion, you will get to see geology in all its glory. Visit famous geological rock formations and striking volcanic and igneous formations or walk along the fossil trail, where footprints and fossils of the famous Karoo reptiles can still be seen.


South Africa is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, a so-called biodiversity hotspot.


Tour information:

Botany, bird watching or geology excursions
We visit different nature reserves and wildlife parks, explore their bird and animal life, the diversity of vegetation and the special geological features.

  • Day and multi-day trips
  • Price: Day tours from € 124 p.p.
  • Small group with max. 8 guests
  • Guaranteed tour for minimum 4 guests
  • English-speaking professional nature guide
  • Own arrival; transfer available on request
  • Tour dates and detailed tour descriptions are available on request

Workshop: Fynbos and its Medicinal Effects
Every tenth plant species grows in the southern part of the continent, approximately 3000 species contributing to the traditional African medicine knowledge. The workshop delves into the history of ancient knowledge about medicinal plants and their historical usage. Following the workshop, you can assemble a basic first-aid kit based on the acquired knowledge.

  • Multi-day Workshops
  • Price: from € 64 per person per day
  • Guaranteed workshop for minimum 10 guests
  • Workshop leader: English-speaking professional nature guide
  • Own arrival; transfer available on request
  • Dates and a detailed description of the workshop is available on request

Are you interested in private excursions or workshops?
Feel free to contact us. We are also happy to accommodate your personal wishes.

Trekking adventure

4 day TREKKING TOUR – Groot Winterhoek Mountain Wilderness Area

The Groot Winterhoek Mountain Wilderness Area is located in the Western Cape province. The mountains, which are up to 2078 metres high, are part of the Cape Fold Belt and the Cederberg mountain range. As an area of the Cape Floral, the mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Groot Winterhoek Mountain and Wilderness Area features an exceptionally rugged landscape and is lush with spectacular rock formations along fantastic hiking routes. Scenic gorges, spectacular natural pools, abundant water, and gorgeous patches of natural vegetation are perfect for a multi-day hiking adventure in the great outdoors.

Enjoy the silence and vastness away from the tourist crowds on an extraordinary trekking adventure in unspoiled nature, spectacular scenery, and magnificent beauty.

Tour information:

  • Small group with max. 8 guests
  • Guaranteed tour for minimum 4 guests
  • Own arrival; airport transfer available on request (Cape Town International Airport)
  • Duration: 4 days / 3 overnight stays
  • Accommodation: tents
  • Tour dates upon request
  • English speaking tour guides
  • Price from € 349,- p.p.
  • Camping equipment can be provided on request
  • A detailed tour description is available on request

Our tip: After enjoying nature, discover the colorful art and culture in the Cape region.

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